Webinar: CORDS - A Whole school solution for measuring mental health and well-being

For Senior Mental Health Leads and Senior Leadership

By 2025, the government would like every school in the UK to have a Senior Mental Health Lead, who is accountable for delivering and measuring your school’s mental health and well-being strategy.  But what could this mean and look like in reality? 



Thursday 6 October 2022


Monday 17 October 2022


The Mental Health Hub invites you to a 75-minute interactive Zoom conversation enquiring into the current challenges facing: 

  1. The proactive delivery of mental health and well-being strategies and interventions
  2. Measurement of the effectiveness of these strategies and interventions

During this webinar we will discuss the areas of strengths and weakness in your settings, regarding targets and delivery, and how we can begin to create a national progress and measurement framework, aligned with Government objectives. 

You will have an opportunity to view Child Outcomes Record Data System (CORDS) and how it establishes an automated national framework for identifying the mental health and well-being needs of vulnerable children in your settings. We will also provide you with the ability to evidence the impact of specific interventions being used at your schools. 

Join Cath Beagley, our CEO, to ask any questions you may have and:

  • Explore ways to get beyond theories to evidence-based practices that work.
  • Discover how to identify children potentially suffering from mental health issues, in less than two minutes per child.
  • Understand when to assign which specific interventions and provisions available at your school, so that you can best leverage your limited resources.
  • Evaluate the value of using this same approach to support the mental health of your school's entire teaching and support staff (not just students).

Discover how CORDS helps you:

  • Formulate your school's mental health strategy
  • Implement an easy-to-use system for staff
  • Select the appropriate assessment tool
  • Quickly and accurately calculate scores
  • Assign relevant interventions for students' current needs
  • Track child mental health and well-being outcomes
  • Identify new provisions for consideration

FREE WEBINAR – Introduction to CORDS and Mental Health Hub's child outcomes framework

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