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CORDS: Child Outcome Record System

Introducing CORDS

Discover CORDS – built to give you more insight, visibility and confidence in delivering a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. 

Access leading wellbeing questionnaires and surveys

Mointoring the social and emotional needs of your entire community can often seem overwhelming, yet it is vital to the wellbeing of our school communities. 

CORDS includes the most commonly used mental health questionnaire and surveys used by schools and Local Authorities. By measuring and reporting on your entire school population, not just individuals, you have the flexibility of sending assessments to all staff, students, parents and carers. 

Track whole-school progress

With our analytics tools, you can track the progress of your school’s well-being initiatives over time. From students, to your mental health team, to every staff member in the school, everyone is accounted for.

By measuring the impact of your interventions, you can make data-driven decisions that enhance the overall well-being of your school, monitor changes and identify areas that require further attention.

All of this can be seen in one easy to digest dashboard, completely hassle-free.

Secure data migration and mapping

Move and map your data directly from your MIS directly into CORDS. We have ensured your data is transferred safely by working with WONDE. No data is transferred without authority from you. From then on, all data is encrypted and held in our secure platform.

Evidence a Pro Active Approach

We require schools to commit to assessing all students a minimum of twice a year. By doing this you gain better insight and understanding of what is working and where you can improve provision. Using CORDS action planning and pathway mapping you are able to produce reports, link emails and documents to and from other agencies, and track your outcomes in one organised place.

Track and Manage Complex Risk Factors

Track and Manage Complex Risk Factors

We understand that some students require more complex care services. That's why CORDS is designed to help you organise care pathways, track and manage complex risk factors, and coordinate large, multi-disciplinary clinical teams and support workers. With our system, you'll have a comprehensive view of what's going on, enabling you to provide the care your students need effectively.

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Assess and Support Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Assess and Support Social and Emotional Wellbeing

CORDS is your ally in assessing the emotional and behavioural development of pupils aged 4-18. Our platform helps you identify the support each pupil needs, providing you with practical strategies and techniques to help them achieve their full potential in the classroom or nurture group.

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Customise alerts and manage risks proactively

Customise alerts and manage risks proactively

CORDS automation recommends proactive interventions that are known to produce the best outcomes, given the child’s individual needs. Quality care depends on quality data.

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A comprehensive digital assessment library

A comprehensive digital assessment library

We provide a broad range of commonly used questionnaires to suit all key stages. You can access the benefits and flexibility of the leading mental health assessment tools, providing a deeper understanding of the emotional needs within the school environment.

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Engage senior school leaders

As a senior school leader, you play a vital role in shaping the culture and wellbeing of your school community. The Analytics Hub provides you with the necessary tools to lead your school effectively. The ability to access real-time,
evidence-based data enables you to make strategic decisions, allocate resources appropriately, and communicate the progress and impact of your wellbeing initiatives to stakeholders.

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With access to DfE quality assured training to help you develop a whole school or college approach, We can help you with using your SMHL funding for an advanced Mental Health Hub membership. Discover the full benefits of an advanced membership below.



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CORDS subscription includes:


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