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For a school to evidence ‘whole school approach’ practices, it is vital that all stakeholders are invested in your strategy. To ensure you get the results you want we extend access to the full membership for every member of staff. 

Complimentary CORDS access

Complimentary CORDS access

  • Create a rich wellbeing profile for each student, capturing a deep and relevant set of data.
  • CORDS allows you to connect your forms directly, enabling you to collect data from students effortlessly.
  • Our smart forms make it easy for students to provide information, and you can easily update or fill in missing fields.
  • Plus, you'll have access to historic responses, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of each student's journey.

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Priorities: In Practice

Priorities: In Practice

  • DfE Accredited Training Provider
  • Long term wellbeing strategy
  • Create targets against 8 key Principles as defined by DfE
  • Assess progress and outcomes overtime
  • Evidence a Proactive Approach

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Continuing Professional development

Continuing Professional development

  • Ongoing access to coaching in different topics
  • Share valuable insights and best practice with like-minded professionals
  • Book individual supervision to ensure staff wellbeing

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Reports and Resources

Reports and Resources

  • Keeping you up-to-date with statutory guidance
  • Up-to-date industry reports
  • Free and paid resources Range of key Stage resources

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With access to DfE quality assured training to help you develop a whole school or college approach, We can help you with using your SMHL funding for an advanced Mental Health Hub membership. Discover the full benefits of an advanced membership below.


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