Welcome to the future of mental health and wellbeing in schools and colleges

Our mission

To ensure that every individual within a school or college community has access to valuable information, essential training, and valuable resources.

We are dedicated to supporting educational institutions in creating nurturing and inclusive environments that prioritise the mental well-being of students and staff.

We’re here to help you align your institution with the 8 key principles of mental health provision, fostering a safe and supportive environment for all.

How we operate

Who is the Mental Health Hub for?

Empowering Every School and College Staff Member

The Mental Health Hub is not just another platform; it’s a dedicated space designed with a singular purpose – to support and empower all school and college-based staff. Whether you’re an educator, administrator, counsellor, or support staff member, this hub is for you.

We believe that change starts from within, and that’s why we make it easy for schools and colleges to join the hub. Once your institution becomes a part of our community, every staff member will be provided with a login. We believe in inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the mental well-being of students and colleagues.

Transparency in Our Funding Model

Wondering how we make The Mental Health Hub accessible to your school for free? It’s all about keeping things simple and effective, just like the worlds favourite search engine – Google.


Free Access for You:

Our primary mission is to support you in finding valuable resources quickly and efficiently. That’s why we offer free access to our platform, including our purpose-built CORDS feature. We want to make sure you have the tools you need to enhance mental health provision without any cost to you.


Supplier Partnerships:

We’ve established partnerships with trusted suppliers who advertise their offerings on our platform. These suppliers help fund the hub, ensuring that we can continue to provide you with a wealth of resources and support.



Support from Institutions:

The more you use Mental Health Hub as your ‘go to’ source and purchasing provision the more valuable the data is for everyone.  

NHS, government entities, and suppliers also contribute to our funding model. They recognise the importance of the valuable, anonymous data generated through our analytics platform, which helps inform policy and improve mental health provision in educational settings.  

Full Membership Options:

For schools and colleges looking for more comprehensive support, they can access the Senior Mental Health Lead funding to register your setting for DfE accredited training and coaching full membership – Priorities: In Practice. Full membership provides additional resources, structured training and personalised guidance to help you develop a long-term strategy for mental health within your institution effectively.



Who we collaborate with

Fostering Partnerships for Your Success


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in the power of pooling expertise and resources to provide you with the most comprehensive and cost-efficient support possible.


Our Collaborative Approach:

We’ve partnered with industry-leading CPD (Continuing Professional Development) providers to ensure that you have access to a diverse range of expertise and perspectives. This collaboration allows you to expand your knowledge and skills in a flexible and affordable manner.


Quality You Can Trust:

We take quality seriously.  Our team carefully select industry-leading suppliers and evidence-based providers to ensure that the resources and training you access are of the highest quality. You can trust that the content we offer is reliable and credible.




Sharing Insights:

We believe that learning from each other is one of the most valuable ways to grow. That’s why we encourage all our members to review and rate the training and resources they use. By sharing your insights, you contribute to a collective knowledge pool that benefits schools and colleges everywhere.

A Wealth of Resources:

Within the Hub, you’ll find a wide range of resources and training opportunities, both free and paid, from esteemed suppliers like the NHS, DfE accredited SMHL training providers, Bereavement Support, Gambling and Addictions Specialists, The Bowlby Centre (attachment), the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (CYPMHC), and the Schools Wellbeing Partnership, among many others.

Your Input Matters:

If you’ve come across valuable training or resources that you believe could benefit others, please let us know. We’re here to serve your needs, and your input helps us expand our offerings to better support you.

Remember, at The Mental Health Hub, we work for and with you, because together, we can make a significant difference in the mental well-being of our educational communities.

Data and Security Policy

We take your data seriously, with complete transparency.

Our rigorous induction process ensures that the quality data put in, is the quality of insights out for you to deliver change with confidence. 

Register your setting today

With access to DfE quality assured training to help you develop a whole school or college approach, We can help you with using your SMHL funding for an advanced Mental Health Hub membership. Discover the full benefits of an advanced membership below.


SMHL DfE Accredited Training

Number SMHL144


Full membership includes:


Basic package includes:

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