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Empowering Schools with Continuing Professional Development

Introducing CPD

As a dedicated learning management system, you are in control of selecting from a wealth of professional development, coaching and training opportunities that
improve your ability fo deliver an autonomous and proactive approach that meets the needs of your setting.

Coaching and Mentoring

We understand the value of personalised support and guidance. The Learning Hub provides access to experienced coaches and mentors who can help you navigate the complexities of promoting mental health and well-being in your school. These professionals offer one-on-one sessions, group coaching, and mentoring programs to support your growth and development.

Flexible Learning Options ​

We understand the demands of a busy school professional’s schedule. That’s why the Learning Hub offers flexible learning options. Access our resources and courses at your convenience, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Whether you prefer to engage in live webinars or access recorded sessions, we have options to accommodate your learning style and availability.

Collaborative Learning Community

Connect with like-minded professionals through the Learning Hub’s collaborative learning community. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and learn from others who are passionate about mental health and wellbeing in schools. Together, we can foster a supportive network that nurtures professional growth and collective impact.

Professional Development at Your Fingertips

With our continual professional development platform, you have a wide range of resources right at your fingertips. Our platform offers an extensive library of courses, workshops, webinars, and resources created and curated by experts in the field. Whether you’re a teacher, SENCo, senior leader or the Senior Mental Health Lead, there are tailored learning opportunities to meet your specific needs.

Track and Manage Complex Risk Factors

Track and Manage Complex Risk Factors

We understand that some students require more complex care services. That's why CORDS is designed to help you organise care pathways, track and manage complex risk factors, and coordinate large, multi-disciplinary clinical teams and support workers. With our system, you'll have a comprehensive view of what's going on, enabling you to provide the care your students need effectively.

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Assess and Support Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Assess and Support Social and Emotional Wellbeing

CORDS is your ally in assessing the emotional and behavioural development of pupils aged 4-18. Our platform helps you identify the support each pupil needs, providing you with practical strategies and techniques to help them achieve their full potential in the classroom or nurture group.

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Customise alerts and manage risks proactively

Customise alerts and manage risks proactively

CORDS automation recommends proactive interventions that are known to produce the best outcomes, given the child’s individual needs. Quality care depends on quality data.

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A comprehensive digital assessment library

A comprehensive digital assessment library

We provide a broad range of commonly used questionnaires to suit all key stages. You can access the benefits and flexibility of the leading mental health assessment tools, providing a deeper understanding of the emotional needs within the school environment.

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Engage senior school leaders

As a senior school leader, you play a vital role in shaping the culture and wellbeing of your school community. The Analytics Hub provides you with the necessary tools to lead your school effectively. The ability to access real-time,
evidence-based data enables you to make strategic decisions, allocate resources appropriately, and communicate the progress and impact of your wellbeing initiatives to stakeholders.

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With access to DfE quality assured training to help you develop a whole school or college approach, We can help you with using your SMHL funding for an advanced Mental Health Hub membership. Discover the full benefits of an advanced membership below.


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