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Features that facilitate the 8 core principles for a whole school approach

Purpose-built for your senior mental health team, Say goodbye to multiple accesses, accounts, providers and say hello to one resource for a whole school approach to improving mental health in your school.


Complimentary Child Outcomes Record Data System

Reach Outcomes faster and Create a rich student wellbeing profile for each student, capturing a deep and relevant set of data. CORDS allows you to connect your forms directly, enabling you to collect data from students effortlessly.

Our smart forms make it easy for students to provide information, and you can easily update or fill in missing fields. Plus, you’ll have access to historic responses, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of each student’s journey.

Action-Oriented Training

Priorties: In Practice

‘Priorities: In Practice’ sets itself apart from the tickbox, compliance-focused, one-time courses that school leaders are plagued by and are now accustomed to. Unlike traditional training, your full membership programme offers an ongoing experience beyond a single event.

With an annual subscription, you gain exclusive access to our DfE-accredited training curriculum, which includes ongoing coaching and guidance that is invaluable for continued success throughout the year.


Empowering schools through high-quality professional development

As a dedicated learning management system, you are in control of selecting from a wealth of professional development, coaching and training opportunities that improve your ability to deliver an autonomous and proactive approach that meets the needs of your setting.

From Senior Mental Health lead training to learning how to deliver interventions, a dedicated coaching platform our comprehensive training library provides you with the community and support you need fo ensure you are delivering effectively inside of the 8 principles to Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Resources & Reports

Be ahead of the curve with up-to-date resources

Our promise to you is we will always provide you with the most up-to-date, data and links for statutory and research that support you and your setting to be ahead of the curve.

We provide you with the confidence that the information and resources you have access to are the most up-to-date and progressive in the field of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

A comprehensive repository of evidence-informed practical tools and resources, that effectively signposts you to a diverse range of options, including both free and premium products. With easy navigation and search functionality, you can quickly access tools and resources specific to your setting type and the age range of your students.

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With access to DfE quality assured training to help you develop a whole school or college approach, We can help you with using your SMHL funding for an advanced Mental Health Hub membership. Discover the full benefits of an advanced membership below.


SMHL DfE Accredited Training

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Full membership includes:


Basic package includes:

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